The forecast was for rain, and rain it did, but not nearly as much as people were anticipating. Thus, the track traffic was light, the focus could be on good lines and consistent times.  In attendance was Chris Gervais and Myself in the Miata, and we were joined in our little tent city by our good friend and fellow panda Ken Whitford in his SR20 swapped Nissan 240 and Featured Garage member Zach Grant and crew with his KTM 390 Duke for another event happening over at the kart track.

The (relatively) poor drivers at NOLA and their meager tent city.

Chris made excellent progress in the Miata, posting up consistent 2:11/2:12 times in the Miata on street tires on the 2.75 configuration, and all of us progressed up one level in the HPDE program through NASA. Chris Tuttle was there to instruct us, and he also turned a great lap time in his black S2000 on Sunday after it dried out and became good turbo weather, just .8 off his track record for TT3. Here’s a few photos of the Bad Panda crew, with more for the TT and Race sessions coming soon.