Soooo…. the ole US Cutter finally is dying out, and it was time for a new cutter to get graphics out. Our goal was quality and reliability, as we wanted to get out custom cuts to all of the #fastandfluffy fans out there, along with our grasssroots teamates, etc.

The great news is: WE CAN CUT MAGNETS!!! With this particular roll, 3-overcuts was all it took to get the test letters out using the default pressure on the Roland. 4-overcuts might have been slightly better, but 3 was enough to have removal with minimal effort.

The shop will be opening soon to get your custom magnet orders in for your vehicles, with local delivery and/or shipping. Currently we are working out our shipping options to ensure a quality product makes it your way. If you have an idea for what you want cut, contact us at and we’ll work with you on color, size, and designs for your vehicle.

So many pandas, so little time.