Preparation for Dixie National Tour has begun. Today’s task is simple: a quick overlook of Marceline (the BMW M2) prior to the SCCA Dixie National Tour, along with an oil change. She’s sitting right at around 4k miles now, and almost 1 year since we picked her up. The tires are right at 5/32, still plenty left for a Wiregrass Autox tomorrow (3/12) and then for the asphalt of Dixie National Tour. While it would be best to have fresh tires for the event, our Bridgestone’s will have to do as they are.

Something that most Subaru owners are familiar with, maybe even a ‘heightened’ sense of familiarity with, is making sure that oil changes are regular and that oil levels are checked often. Given the nature of the motor in the BMW to run hot, we check often here as well. The oil coolers on the M2 definitely help, but one can never be too careful.